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This is the Helie Application Form – This is the first step when applying with Helie Film Support. After you have submitted this application you will be automatically directed to our registration page where you should create an account to access our website. Please do not complete this application more than once. Please complete the following application in full. You will receive an email upon completion with additional instructions. Step #1 – Complete this application. Step #2 – Register for a user account (This page is not the registration page).

*** If you are already an LSP on our call-lists please do not proceed with this step. Simply create a user account instead by clicking here and select “I am a current LSP with Helie”

Attention New Applicants
Step #1 – Complete the application information below.

Step #2 – Register for an account on our website. This will automatically be displayed when you have finished creating the application.

Step #3 – Once your account has been activated you will be able to login to our website. (Please allow up to 1 week for your account to be activated. You will receive an email.

Step #4 – We ask that all applicants please read our training section thoroughly. Once you have completed reading our training section we ask that you complete our short 22 question quiz that will be displayed at the end of the training section. We will then be in contact with you once your quiz results have been received.

We strongly recommend that you do not use Hotmail/Outlook (Microsoft) email address when signing up for our website. We have had issues with our important emails being rejected/not received. We strongly recommend that you use another email provider such as Gmail when signing-up to ensure that you receive our important emails.
Application Form

Personal Information

Example: Home telephone number, pager number etc


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