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About the LSP Postion
Here is a brief description of our company and the LSP position: Since 1987, Helie Film Support Services (H.F.S.S), has serviced the Ontario Film Industry as a referral agency, supplying trained, dedicated personnel to meet the various needs of Film Productions in Toronto and surrounding areas. This entry level position (L.S.P) provides hands on experience and a unique insight into the many duties required during the process of filming on location. H.F.S.S. is experienced and skilled in recruiting, training and placing L.S.Ps as entry level personnel in these positions. We supply our services in parkland, business and residential neighborhoods all over Southern Ontario as needed by the Film and Television Productions.

L.S.Ps are considered the eyes and the ears of the location department. Our primary function is maintaining a presence and providing key information when preparing (“prepping”) a location, filming (“shooting”), and finishing up (“wrapping out”) of a Location. L.S.Ps are often the first public representative of the production company during the filming process, and also often the last.

The LSP’s duties are primarily coning, lettering, and monitoring Production equipment.

If you are interested in this position, please complete an online application by visiting the following link: , after you have finished completing the application next please register for an account on our lsp section. This will provide you with access to our training materials and all the information you will need. If after reading our training materials you are still interested in working as a Location Support Personnel, please complete the short quiz at the end of the training section. If you have any further questions, comments or concerns, please let us know.