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All of the current productions we are working with are requiring that all film crew and LSPs be Fully Vaccinated. Due to the requirement set by these productions we are currently only seeking individuals who are fully vaccinated and who are able to provide proof of vaccination status. You will need to email us proof of vaccination before attending one of our orientation sessions.

This is the Helie Application Form – This is the first step when applying with Helie Film Support. After you have submitted this application you will be automatically directed to our registration page where you should create an account to access our website.
*** If you are already an LSP on our call-lists please do not proceed with this step. Simply create a user account instead by clicking here and select “I am a current LSP with Helie”  

Attention New Applicants

We ask that you complete the steps below and that you sign up for and attend one of our in-person orientation sessions. We receive many applications and do not have the time to respond to each application we receive so please do not wait to hear from us. Simply complete the easy steps below and attend an orientation session!

Step #1 – Complete the application information below.
Step #2 – Register for an account on our website. This will automatically be displayed when you have finished creating the application.
Step #3 – Once registered please login to our website where you can read our training section that will explain in detail about the job.
Step #4 – We ask that all applicants please signup for and attend an in-person orientation session. You will be able to view and signup for the orientation session by clicking the Orientation Session link at the top of the website once you have registered for an account.

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Important Information - Please Read

Online Job Application

Before applying or accepting work with Helie Film Support you should ensure that you are eligible to work for the productions we work with.

The majority of productions we work with will require specific documents from you that you must have/complete in order to be hired/receive payment from them. It is your responsibility to ensure that you provide each production with the necessary documents they require from you. When our office books you for a shift, we assume that you are able to provide/complete such documents.

Deal Memos - All productions require you to complete and sign a deal memo in full before they will issue your paycheque. A deal memo is a contract between you and the production company. This is mandatory and is required of all film crew. In order to receive payment for work completed you MUST complete a deal memo in full. Some companies will require Deal Memos be submitted digitally online and others may require a hard copy, this depends on the production's requirements. You should ensure that you complete a deal memo for each production you work on before the end of your 1st week worked directly to the production office. Our office does not accept deal memos or residency documents. You must send these directly to each production you work on.

Completing a deal memo is a condition of employment. If you do not complete a deal memo you will NOT be paid. This is mandatory.

Social Insurance Number - You must be legally eligible to work in Canada to work for Helie Film Support on any of the productions we work with. All deal memos will require you to provide them with your social insurance number. 

WHSA Certificate -

The Ontario Worker Health and Safety Awareness Certificate is required by all employers in Ontario. You will need to provide a copy of your Ontario Worker Health and Safety Awareness Certificate (WHSA) to each production you work on.

The certificate can be obtained after completing a short online course offered free by the Ontario Ministry of Labour.

Please visit the following link to get started:

At the end of the session you will be able to download and print your certificate. Please ensure that you keep a copy saved as you will need to provide a copy to each production you work on.

This is mandatory that you submit a copy of this certificate to each production you work on.

Residency Documentation - All productions will require that you submit proof of residency to them.

Required Residency Documents - Any one of the following:
- Notice of Assessment (T1) for the previous year
- Long-term (one year or more) lease with utility and/or cell phone bill.

or any three of the following documents:
- Short-term (less than a year) lease agreement or letter from a landlord.
- Provincial health card and/or services card.
- Driver’s license or vehicle registration
- Professional association or union membership in Canada
- Statements of accounts (example: bank accounts, retirement savings plan, credit cards) from a Canadian branch of a financial institution.

Residency Documentation requirements may change from time to time and you must ensure that you submit the required documents promptly to each production you work on.

Please ensure that you will be able to provide the above documents to each production before accepting your first shift.

Submitting your residency documents to each production is a condition of employment. Each production will require these documents from you before they will release payment to you.This is Mandatory.

Important Note: Each LSP is required to submit all of the above documents to each production you work on. You will be required to submit these documents directly to each production. Many accept via email, some may require hard copies (This depends on the production). Our office does not accept deal memos or residency documents. They must be submitted directly to each production you work on directly.

I have read the above important information and agree that I will be able to provide the above documents to each production that I work on.
I understand that I MUST complete a deal memo for each show before the end of the week in which I worked.
I understand that all above documents must be sent directly to each production I work on and that they should not be sent to Helie Film Support
I understand that submitting all of the above documents are mandatory and a condition of employment. Failure to submit any of the required documents may result in the production company being unable to pay for hours worked.

Personal Information

Example: Home telephone number, pager number etc


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