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Important Notice - Please read carefully

If you are a new applicant this page is Step #2 – please complete an application before registering for an account.

If you are not a current lsp or if you have not yet completed our online application, please do so before continuing to register for a user account on this page. You can complete our application by Clicking Here. We have been having many individuals who signup for an account who have not completed an application. We will not activate your account without a completed application. If you are having any issues completing our application please email us at: for assistance.

Hotmail/Outlook Email Notice
If you use Hotmail or Outlook for your email please note that we have been experiencing issues with our important emails either ending up in users spam/junk folder by default, or not being received at all. We highly recommend that you use another email provider such as: Gmail to prevent this issue from occurring. If you wish to continue and use a hotmail/outlook email address it is very important that you check your spam/junk folder for our replies. If you should find any emails from us in that folder, please ensure that you mark the email as “Not Junk”. Failure to do so will result in future emails being rejected altogether. You should also white-list our domain name: to ensure that our important emails arrive. Click here for instructions on how to whitelist using hotmail
This is the user registration page. You should only signup for an account if you are a current LSP or if you have already completed an application. This is the 2nd step in the application process. If you have already completed our application, please click the “I have already completed an online application” button below.

To register for a user account, please select the option below that applies to you:

I am a current LSP with Helie I have already completed an online application I have not yet completed an online application

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